Pledge Card

Sign the Pledge


Be Part of the Solution

In order to empower yourself to change and become active in erasing a menace to you, your family, and friends, you need to make a pledge to yourself and your family. We have compiled a list of pledges that we urge you to consider adopting to your lifestyle. It is important to care about your health and the safety of your family.

I Pledge to:

1) Say “no” to the alcohol industry and its advertising to our young people.

2) Be a role model to children and others by becoming active in fighting immoral policies, by not participating in venues that are open to children but serve alcohol. Children are not allowed in bars, but they can go to ball games and other festivities where the sale of alcohol and alcohol related behavior is demonstrated.

3) Exercise my constitutional rights by studying our political candidates, and supporting those who will insure their personal responsibility for our safety and are sympathetic and eager to help permanently change our laws on repeat offender drunk drivers.

4) Learn more about alcohol’s effect on the body and brain to protect my health and the health of my family.

5) Financially support the Courtwatchers of DuPage initiative monthly, weekly, or yearly.

6) Stay updated on news distributed by this initiative.

7) Spread the word about this initiative to help save lives.

8) Keep up with, and participate in all activities, petitions, and boycotts put into action by this initiative.

9) Prioritize my civic responsibility for our government by observing and studying all available media and material in order to protect my loved ones.

10) Drive defensively to protect myself, my family, and the lives of other people as a civilized driver by not texting & driving, being on the phone while driving, speeding, tailgating, driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence of any other substance that has the potential to affect my perception.


11) Write my legislators and my local representatives regarding my concerns and exercise my first amendment rights to freedom of speech and self-expression.