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This is a parenting Wake Up Call!

Education should be your top priority to protect your children’s lives as role models.

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Raising kids may seem challenging, and there’s a shortage of advice on how to do it. No wonder many moms are confused! But effective parenting is really pretty simple: You need to provide for your children, of course, but you also need to guide and protect them at times even from their own poor judgment and lack of common sense. If you can do that, you’ll turn your kid’s behavior into what you’ve always hoped it would be and turn yourself into the kind of parent your kids deserve. You can start by following the ultimate law of parenting as a role model. “Do as I say and not as I do,” will NOT work to protect your children!

Parents used to help their children grow up. Now new parents just watch their children grow up, uninvolved. Parents used to correct their kids, now they just ignore them. Parents have traded their children for jobs and money. No one is there for many of the kids at home. Teens need a mom at home for them. Our computers, TVs, radios, music, movies, and magazines are full of trash, murder, alcohol, beer, tobacco, hard liquor, and wine advertisements. They are mesmerizing and brain washing us. Our grocery stores lack organic, healthy food. Whole Foods grocery store is not exempt from the drug pushing enterprise.

Now, what’s left?

We don’t put a stop to it. Instead we are like sheep being led to slaughter, and consequently pay by early disease and death. Our children do as they see and are taught. In retrospect, parents are inadvertently responsible first and foremost for their tragedies. People, wake up! Take control. Protest, write letters, call the White House and send letters to your President. Demand for him to answer to his Oath of Office to protect your family. More then 550 high school students in Annapolis, Maryland responded to a survey about what they believed cause children to be violent and drink alcohol. Guess what the top two answers were.

Number 1: There is a lack of parental attention and guidance at home.
Number 2: There is a lack of discipline in school.
Good role models are the primary key to raising confident and happy children.

Being a parent is a blessing and an obligation to God.

Before more parents face a tragedy, Citizens’ Outcry is a wake up call urging parents to seriously think about parenting classes. Parenting is a difficult job, but can be very rewarding if done with both parents educating themselves continuously as a top priority.

Get more involved in your children’s lives by showing them right from wrong. Never underestimate the values and compassionate support of your religious community. It’s all about commitment and education.

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