Laura and Dina’s Fight for Justice!


– Gone but not Forgotten

On Aug. 22, 1985 you were taken from us, not by illness or natural causes.  We could have adjusted to that.  But you were killed. The murder weapon was a car. The  driver  of  the  car, Timothy  Sullivan’s  blood  alcohol levels  proved he was drunk.

The evening began as did many others, you and your best girlfriend Dina left by car.  In  a  few short  hours  we  were  summoned  to  the  hospital  – My daughter  Laura, and  Dina,  were already gone. Their car was struck with deadly force by one driven by Sullivan. Our grief was unbearable.

As your birthday nears and holidays come and go, we remember the joy and happy times we had for such a few short years. I miss your loving ways. After you had been laid to rest, I took some small comfort in believing that justice would be done.

During the weeks that followed, my frustration turned to outrage. When I met with James Ryan, our states attorney, I saw his deceit immediately.  It was beyond a feeling of helplessness for me and my family; a horrible feeling. At the trial we learned that Sullivan had   19 arrests relating to alcohol, with many reduced. We learned later about the connection between his parents and attorney Terry Ekl.

He is currently a 25 time offender, like driving while revoked, thanks to a top criminal dui lawyer. Why did he still have a valid driver’s license, considering a prior dui before the crash?

Enter Frances Cuneo, village attorney-crook-extraordinaire who got him supervision. Even with DWI in 1984. The girls were one minute from their homes. I was anxiously waiting with her golden retriever.

It is like they were murdered twice, once by collision and secondly by collusion. Our family and all their friends suffered beyond belief; to see Sullivan get away with a virtual double homicide. The girls were re-victimized by a sentence of blatantly short and inadequate 18 month work release, in the county jail or not a prison.

The county jail, with then Sheriff Doria was set up for him to enter jail every day around midnight. We were informed that he always had alcohol on his breath, before he got on the train. How does that work?

The public and major news about our fight was astounding.  Two grieving mothers fighting for justice. It is without a doubt, a “criminal protection system”.

Sullivan’s sentence, to hold a job and check in at the county jail at night, was a classic case of favors. Money is the king of our corrupt court system.  One habitual DWI felon and thousands more, should held accountable.

Did it matter that Laura and Dina lie in their graves?  We thought our system was meant to dispense justice?   Men have been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing with a gun or knife, why are it different when the weapon is a car? It’s a TIME BOMB ON WHEELS. A killer of any type forfeits his right to be a part of society.

As for the public official who do not prosecute to the full letter of the law?  You drink and drive, you lose your license. You kill with your car, you lose your freedom.

– Leah Johnson