Founder’s Letter

Founder’s Letter

Dear Citizens,

artpicsI sincerely believe that every man, woman, and child in this country should have abundant life, liberty, health, and wealth enough to be able to pursue their happiness of ideals brought forth in 1776 in our Declaration of Independence. Few people understand that hallowed parchment was a declaration of war. The founders of this most powerful nation would never put up with being taxed and ruled by corporations, focused on increasing their own profit. Now, the Corporations are ruling our government with iron fists. Everywhere we care to look in this world, we see the devastation resulting from corporate greed. Perhaps it is again time to declare war against the corporations.

I first became aware of the all-pervasive nature of corporate rule when in 1985leah my 21 year old daughter and her friend were faced with a head on collision and lost their lives by a drunk driver. A parent should never have to face the nightmare of losing their children. The pain and shock from that never heals. The court system that we expected to be on our side let us down, and the punishment that we expected to fit the crime committed by a repeat offender turned out to be just as shocking and painful for both our family and her friend’s family as news of the homicide came by a knock on our front door at 1:30 AM. Then we faced compounded victimization.

Didn’t we believe the criminal justice system would protect us and deter criminals from becoming habitual offenders according to due process (the 14th Amendment) which they took a vow to uphold? The sentence for his double homicide was incomprehensible. This monster who unbelievably and literally had a license to kill was freed – undeterred – after 19 arrests, rammed into my daughter and her friend, and got away with murder. The judges did not prevent this man from driving drunk, and we allege they are all personally responsible along with the father and mother for this deliberately provoked tragedy that didn’t have to happen.

It is time to wake up to your judges, your decision makers who have your lives in their hands by the sentences they are personally responsible for, and the results. We are all victims of this travesty of the court system and must become empowered to stop the enablers. We allege they are guilty of mass murder; be forewarned. We urge you to study this site in depth, be aware of everything, primarily as a victim of your legal system every day. This is why people say criminals seem to get all the rights. The reason for that is: money talks and the criminal walks, kills and maims. As long as we’re silent and do not protest or read, we only give them more ammunition for their arsenal. They love our silence.

By ignoring this site and our call, by choosing not to sign our petitions, by deciding not to contribute as little as $5.00 – $10.00 a month, and by dismissing our courtwatching news, you will be sacrificing your rights to protect your family. Join our network, empower your family, and help us to help you. Remember, every 28-32 minutes a family faces a drunk driver in America. Drunk driving is our leading child-killer. Please wake up to be a role model and say no to this dangerous, lethal, chemical alcohol. It’s all lies and big money for your government as you will see all over our site. Why else do they allow it? Billion dollar advertising. We’re in an epidemic! We lose 1,400 college-aged students a year.

It doesn’t get any more terrifying than what’s going on in your court rooms and Washington D.C. We need long overdue and independent investigations of the entire operation. My daughter and her friend would be here today if I had this education that I put my heart and soul into for all of you. I was naive, trusting, and ignorant about politics. All you need to do is to be dedicated to learn everything on this website and join our pledges to drive the drunks off the road, demand accountability, and impeach the corrupt judges. All it takes is a monthly pledge of $5.00 – $10.00 a month via automatic debit with PayPal to help us hire a small staff for monitoring our criminal justice and court system which is long overdue.

We’re going beyond the call of MADD and AIMM. We’re fed up and we’re not going to accept lenient sentences, repeat offender homicides, lenient judges, dirty criminal defense lawyers buying and selling our 14th Amendment so we can protect our families to due process and deterrence. It is unconscionable and unacceptable. I cannot believe I don’t have my daughter and her friend here. My life will never be the same knowing her own government took their lives for money and in cold blood. Therefore, through blood, sweat, and tears: My passion for you is to be aware of your judicial system buying and selling criminals… before it’s too late.

Please note that every police officer I’ve spoken with has also reiterated this complaint, saying, “We write them up, and they let them out.” I truly believe that politics, the two parties, and their greed are the devil incarnated. This is why I launched the People’s Truth in Government. All I ask for is to support me to do my work to stop these enablers. I can’t do it without you. I’m doing my job, now it’s your call. Let’s show them who the real Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are of this country.

Just sign on with your name and email and we’ll see that our legislators are aware that we are watching. We’re calling for all of the churches’ support, the board of education, emergency room nurses, physicians, paramedics, members of the police department to petition the President of the United States to protect our future generation and ban all the alcohol advertising and the Hollywood movies including the trash and violence that is perpetuating almost all the crime, murders, rapes, incest, and other forms of misconduct in our country. Isn’t it time to wake up to where it all starts? With you, first and foremost. It is time to say “no” to all the drug lords and pushers. We want to be your go-to website for protests, petitioning, and getting your voice heard. All you need to do is connect with us and express your voice.


Leah Johnson

Founder and President