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Staggering Statistics

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About Drugs, Our Kids & Abuse

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) reports that  age 13 is a turning-point year because a thirteen year old is almost 3 times more likely to know  a student drug dealer,and more than 3 times more likely to be able to buy acid, cocaine or heroin plus  other drugs.

There was an estimated 675, 000 new cocaine users in 1996 ,What it is today  we need to research,The numbers would be double,possibly.Between the ages of 12 and 17 increases from 4.0 million in 1991 to 11.million. In 1998, 78% of high school teens report that drugs and used,sold and kept at their schools, Alcohol has been implicated in up to 75% of rapes 70% of domestic violence and 20%  but rising in numbers of suicides. The average age for taking their first drink of alcohol is 111/2 years. According to the Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol harms virtually every organ and system in your body as radicals. There are more than 3.3million teen alcoholics in the U.S. A 1996  CASA study on Substance Abuse and the American Woman reveals  that 212.5 million smoke,4.5 million are alcoholics or alcohol abusers.3.5 million misuse prescription drugs,and 3.1 million use illicit drugs., 4,000 people die annually from alcohol overdosing. At least one out of every  five pregnant women (more than 800,000 yearly)  smokes drinks and /or uses drugs endangering both her life and the ife of her newborn. kids start cigarettes  ages 12 to 13,and  is rising. In 1996 it is estimated 171, 000 persons used heroin for the first time and also rising.  reaching high levels,  by signal press  Evanston Ill 1999,

What Our Government Allows

Drugs and Drinking at Home

Home Is Where

The Drugs Are


One of the things we do know about teenagers is the earlier they try alcohol (beer) to tobacco the more likely they are later on in life to develop a dependency or abuse problem. The alcohol industry is well aware of this.  This is why Hollywood has been paid by big corporate to promote their advertising focused on funny advertising and in movies to get into their subconscious. Hollywood movie producers have for many years focused on this, for profit and the violence.   This is how it all began for unaware parents addicted. The most significant, most influential part of any teenager’s life is their family.

It’s time to be holding the parents responsible for the crimes their kids commit by their alcoholism DUI and parenting abusive home environment? Children who hear a clear message from parents as role models that drug and alcohol use will not be tolerated are less likely to smoke pot, 50 percent less likely to drink, and use other illegal drugs according to reports.

A parent who educates themselves by being an example including a spiritual guided family is the biggest deterrent to substance abuse and tragedy’s… Look for signs and symptoms’ by organizations on line, and we encourage you to stay connected to this site for the truth .for you and your family’s safety.

Home Is Where The Drugs Are!