My Life Story by Leah Johnson






One unforgettable August night I answered a knock on my door. I met terror head-on as the police informed me of a car crash involving my beautiful 21 year old daughter, Laura, and her girlfriend. In one senseless act of callous irresponsibility, both of their lives were destroyed by a drunk driver who so ignorantly chose to get behind the wheel of a 3,000 lb speeding bullet.

My worst nightmare came true.

Laura and her friend didn’t have a chance… and he didn’t care! This was not his first DUI and crash, and unbelievably (as a habitual drunk driver with 19 prior violations, including many DUI’s – possibly all), he was still driving with a valid license.

It is so heartbreaking to think I didn’t know that the courts approved of repeat offenders to continue to drive legally.

As devastated as we were, I was sure that if any good would come of this, it would be the certainty that he would at least be taken off the streets forever by our legal system, never to injure or take another life ever again. Inconceivably, the driver was given an 18 month work release sentence: free to come and go as he pleased, in and out of the county jail. “HOW IN GOD’S GOOD NAME IS THIS POSSIBLE?” one might ask, just as we did. Well, we discovered that the parents were well-connected with the state attorneys, the judges, and the criminal defense lawyer, Terry Ekl, who was the top notorious lawyer of the DuPage County court.

That is why Justice did NOT serve the innocent, and sadly was SOLD to the highest bidder by the judges, and the prosecution!

The outcome has been the same in many cases for years behind the scenes, and Don Ramsell (lecherous lawyer #2) is yet another perpetuator. The ultimate cause of this injustice is plea bargaining. Victims are then re-victimized by iniquitous decisions and criminals are undeterred, causing them to become repeat offenders who are capable of victimizing more innocent families. Frankly speaking: It’s all a buy, sell, and trade game based on the “Good Ol’ Boy” party’s net worth which has been at such a high level of popular interest for decades. The biggest example of this distasteful approach was apparent in the Greylord trial of the 1980s.

This was no accident. This was, without question: VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER by our public officials.

It is such a shame that these representatives who we are taught to TRUST as our guardians find it so easy to violate their sworn oath of office to uphold our 14th amendment right to due process and deterrent sentences: one of the most important laws present in our U.S. Constitution.

This money exchange business was too astronomical to believe! I absolutely could not allow them to get away with this for all other families to suffer, after the legal system sold us out.

After the “legal” system sold us out, I turned to other organizations that were fighting drunk driving. However, I did not find the satisfaction I was seeking or the results which were so badly needed. Nothing I came across seemed politically active enough to bring about real change. Thus, I formed an organization which combines political activism with research, education, citizen support, and victim support: Courtwatchers of DuPage.

It is imperative that we learn how to take a long hard look at our judicial system and the state attorneys who are handing out sentences that put repeat offenders back on the road to injure and kill again. It is time to TAKE LEGAL ACTION by all means possible and to finally hold judges and state attorneys accountable for their reckless decisions.

It is their responsibility to make our streets safe for all citizens.

YOUR OUTCRY must be heard NOW!

Your lives depend on it first and foremost. Be part of the solution.


A link to our donation page is available if you wish to help sponsor our initiatives. Creating real change is not possible without your funding and active participation! If you feel just as strongly as I do about this matter, please take the pledge today in memory of Laura, her friend, and every other victim of drunk driving. The Courtwatchers of DuPage  legal network is, and will always be a tribute to our loved ones who have been taken from us needlessly. It screams condemnation to the system of money laundering that enables drunk and drugged drivers to evade due process of law.

There is nothing more terrifying!

My Life Story

by Leah Johnson

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